Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tweet Tweet ...

Who would have thought 10 years ago that you would be defined by the type of mobile phone you carried around in your pocket or purse, whether or not you have a facebook or twitter account, a blog and what kind of PC you used.

Yes! We are definitely living in the digital age. The popularity of Blackberry and Twitter by Research in Motion and the Iphone by Apple have taken the world by storm.  We are virtually online 24/7 which sometimes triggers questions about actual personal interaction.  We communicate so much by Blackberry Pins, Facebook status updates, tweets, etc... You hardly see people actually talking on a cell phone anymore.  9 out of 10 persons you see with a cell phone will have their fingers pinging away on their qwerty keyboard sending a text or a BBM messenger to their contacts, updating Facebook or Twitter with the latest picture of them sitting in traffic to posting to their blog.

This transcends even beyond a social level.  Companies who are indeed making all attempts to connect with current and prospective clients have raised the bar in terms of communication.  Companies are making the advertorial transition to cheaper marketing tactics that cost less and have the potential to give them every bang for their buck in reaching the marketplace.  Traditional brick and mortar companies that have been successful over the years, are keeping up with the Jones' when it comes to technology.  Websites enabled to conduct sale transactions by the use of a credit card, paypal account or the old fashioned money order are the order of the day.  Pages on facebook for fans to join, Tweets on twitter for customers to follow - the reach of the internet and by extension social networking  is indeed interesting.  A simple search in Google for how to improve your small business through online marketplaces, social networking pages, etc. are now a dime a dozen. 

On the internal side, employees are now being equipped with Blackberry phones to keep them connected to work outside of working hours, on weekends, even while on vacation.  The impact these on the all important work life balance cannot be ignored.  I'll cover this topic in my next post.

Are we becoming slaves to the Blackberry era?  Is it enabling us to communicate more in a virtual world to the point where we are no longer in touch with reality - a flesh and blood human being sitting across from us ready to have an actual conversation VS an IM/Twitter session with someone you met on the internet or a friend from across town.

What says you?