Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Charting the Path to Success

The marketing profession has been a passion of mine since pursuing studies at the University of Technology.  As a student who was pegged to excel in the field of Accounting, I took the road no one expected me to travel, and explored the realm of Marketing.  It was nothing short of life changing to say the least. 

I remember my first exposure to Marketing in my academic life.  I was in awe of this wonderful technique of using various methods and techniques to obtain buy in to a good or service, through the use of the tools of Marketing.  As I continue to learn more about this profession, it became clear to me that this was a career, guaranteed to  always exist no matter what happened.  I remember thinking back then, in what I thought was my young and naive state of mind, that the role of the Marketer would never become extinct or redundant, so longs as goods and services exist.  Yes, the marketer will never suffer at the hands of downsizing.  The marketer will be the shining beacon in the dark, leading companies and professionals to the promised land.  The marketer would in all its glory, show wayward companies the way to increased revenues, greater profits, increased customer base, brand recognition and the list could go on.

I have come a long way from a young marketing student to a budding marketing professional who is still learning more about the art of the field and continues to be excited and passionate about the role marketing plays in our world today.  All human beings - every single one of us - markets something to someone on a daily basis.  Whether it is an idea we pitch to our boss at work, a meal we try to convince our child to eat, or a discount we try to negotiate at the boutique while buying a fabulous pair of shoes.  It is all done, through that simple, underestimated process of marketing.

This blog, as the name suggests, will be a forum for marketers at all levels, who want to keep abreast of the profession, learn more about trends in this evolving global marketplace in which we are all trying to survive and provide an opportunity to share views, concepts and ideas with others.

Thanks for stopping by today.  Hope you enjoyed reading this with a cup of coffee in hand.

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