Tuesday, February 7, 2012

And Marketing Lives On

If you really think about it, Marketing is really the oldest profession, contrary to popular  belief.  The concept of marketing is practiced by every single human being in this world.  This activity is not exclusive to companies trying to compete for that hard earned dollar the consumer has to spend on goods and services.

Every parent executes some aspect of basic marketing every day interacting with their children.  Bosses execute marketing every day on employees, perhaps getting them to buy in to the company's latest strategy.  A husband will use various marketing strategies to get his wife to prepare a specific meal for dinner or persuade her to accept his parenting methods.  Whether you are a CEO of a company or an average Joe in the world, Marketing impact you, every second of every day.

With the ever changing landscape of marketing today, expanding from the traditional methods I mentioned in my post Tweet Tweet, companies with contracting marketing dollars are forced to adapt most cost effective channels in the marketplace.  Several companies are now investing in another FTE (full time employee) to their human resources, with the sole purpose of managing online marketing activities including interactive websites, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Recently, Red Stripe®, a Jamaican brand of beer, embarked on a unique marketing campaign.  While the concept may have been thought of as corny (A bear drinking beer), the approach was quite interesting as through its TV commercial, forced persons to visit their facebook page to see what happened next.  The TV commercial was a 3 part, to be continued series of approximately 1 minute, each left you hanging on to see what the bear would do.  Today, this page has over 33k likes.

Several other companies have followed suit, utilizing Facebook and Twitter to engage existing and potential customers through innovative themes, productions, and of course give-a-way to boot.  The recent Jamaica Jazz n Blues Festival enjoyed great presence on social media with many groups giving away tickets to the premier event.

In fact, charity organizations, social groups, even churches have now logged on to social media which is seen as one sure way of reaching the younger audience.

In spite of the popularity of online marketing tools, there are some who continue to utilize traditional marketing channels - Posters, flyers, inserts, newspaper, billboard, basic instructions from parent to child - to name a few.  Without a doubt, these still continue to play a part in the scope of product placement and promotion. So, what does this say about marketing? In its purest and truest form, once at attempt is made in any way to draw attention to a product or service, it is guaranteed to get a response, one way or the other.

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